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In simple terms, dewatering refers to the lowering of the existing water table so work can be performed below the existing groundwater level. Think back to when you were a child at the beach. You would try to dig a hole near the ocean, and the sides would constantly cave in on you. The saturated soils created unstable sides of your dig. Without proper dewatering, excavation sites can suffer from the same issue. Our intimate understanding of this regions’ unique geology, along with our experience in site management, allow us to design site-specific and cost-effective dewatering systems. Our team has the knowledge and experience required to provide safe and efficient dewatering operations for any project.

Personalized Plans

Because no two groundwater situations are the same, we consider a variety of factors when creating a personalized treatment plan including:
  • Groundwater level
  • Depth of excavation
  • Soil conditions
  • Quantity of water to be controlled
  • Geology
  • Permeability
We offer innovative technologies that are focused on containment, recovery, treatment or disposal of groundwater pollutants, and contaminated groundwater.
Enjoy specialized equipment fabrication capabilities.

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Did you know that contaminants in your drinking water can not only make you sick, they can cause cancer? We remove contaminants and restore your groundwater safely and affordably.
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