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Thank you for your interest in the Audubon Memorial Golf Tournament. We hold this tournament and its fundraising efforts in honor of John Morris. In 1997, John started his company, Audubon Environmental, Inc. against all the odds with just a pick-up truck and his oldest son as part-time help. Over the years, John molded Audubon into a great small business, specializing in residential remediation and helical pier installations.
John had many hobbies. Everything from racing (cars, ATV’s, dirt-bikes), cycling, riding his motorcycle, hiking, camping and of course, golf. We figured the safest of his hobbies that we could all enjoy together, was golf. John was diagnosed with cancer in 2004. When he was diagnosed, the doctors would tell him if he did not start treatment immediately, his time would be limited. John chose an alternative treatment program, focusing on quality of life rather than just extension of life. During that time, he became an inspiration to many. His hope and love became contagious. Everyone that knew him became a better person because of their relationship with him. John passed away on October 22nd, 2011 after his long but inspirational battle with cancer.
The fundraising efforts of this tournament will be donated directly to The Ronald McDonald house in Delaware. This is a very special place in the hearts of John and his family. In 2009, John’s eldest granddaughter, Brionna Pettit, and her family stayed at the facility while Brionna was set to undergo heart surgery. Brionna was born in 2003 with a very rare, congenital heart defect. Over the years, it became progressively worse and eventually surgery was required. After their stay at the Ronald McDonald House waiting for Brionna’s surgery, her family made its way to the hospital. The surgery seemed to be successful, and after a few days, Brionna was released to go home. Brionna passed away a few weeks after her sixth birthday, on October 2nd, 2009 following complications. She was an enlivening kid, and continues to be an inspiration and reminder to many about what is truly important. All the money raised at this tournament will be donated to The Ronald McDonald House in Brionna’s name.
We cannot thank you enough for your time, respects and contributions to this cause. There are no words to describe what this means to John and his family.

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